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It seems to me you lived your life...

...like a candle in the wind.

Marilyn Monroe Icon Challenge
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Welcome to monroe_icontest, the Marilyn Monroe icon challenge.

Maintainer (on hiatus): sugarpuss; I can be reached at xxbringmesugarxx@aol.com.
Co-maintainer: sockgrrl; I can be reached at sockgrrl@livejournal.com.

Moderators: littlebluegrrl, tatertotpixie, n0tes, greaterthankate, eriksangel84

Banner makers: _lisichka_


First, remember this schedule is tentative. That means that not everything will happen exactly on time. Sometimes our real lives get in the way of the communities we run. We'll do our best to stay close to schedule. :)

New challenges will be posted on Sundays.

They will remain up until Saturday (at or around 9pm EST). Polls will go up Saturday night or Sunday and will remain up for at least 24 hrs.

Winners will be posted within 2-3 days of closing polls.

Rules & Stuff:

1. For each challenge, you may submit up to TWO icons unless otherwise stated.

2. You may only use the pictures provided. You can use as many of them as you want (up to two icons) and can use any effects except for animation as long as you only use the provided photos. I reiterate, NO ANIMATION. (Occasionally, a mod might allow animation for a specific challenge. If this is the case, it will be stated in that specific challenge...and is only good for that challenge.)

3. Obviously, your work must be your own and must be made specifically for the challenges.

4. All icons must meet LJ's standards of 100x100 pixels and 40k.

5. When entering, post a comment containing both the icon itself (IMG SRC) and the link (URL).

Example entry:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

6. You may not use your icon anywhere else prior to the closing of a contest.

7. You may not vote for yourself or have others vote for you. This could result in your banishment.

8. If you'd like to use someone's icon, you must get their permission. Using an icon without permission is considered stealing and will result in your banishment.

9. Normally, each week we will award a first, second, and third place banner as well as a "Girl's Best Friend" award (mod's choice). This may vary in the event of ties or lack of entries.

10. Don't be assholes.

11. These rules are subject to alteration at any time.

12. Banners are made up request ONLY. They will not be done automatically.


If you'd like to be an affiliate, let us know.

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